today’s yunomi

aloha world !

been working out of a wonderful studio located near this amazing place called Sankeien in Negishi, a part of Yokohama, Japan.

today, met the tuesday sensei, Chie Kobayashi

today’s yunomi is this cool red stoneware called ‘Akanendo #2’. it seems to be a rough iron stoneware with natural bits of feldspar. used a cool glaze called benihagi and fired in sanka or oxidation.

first the piece was thrown ala lessons from daven hee and after lots of practicing voila. the clay is first thrown into a cylinder, a taller one, sides are then stretched and the bottom/side shaped into a round form. the top is then closed off and then the fun begins. three holes are pierced near the bottom and the top of the bubble is then deflated shaped using a small plastic rib to form the ‘inside’ of the yunomi.

later the yunomi is carved.


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